Ramon Laureano Suspended for Violation of MLB Drug Program

Ramon Laureano is going from top prospect to rehab assignment after receiving an 80-game suspension without pay Monday for testing positive for Stanozolol, a performance-enhancing substance in violation of Major League Baseball’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program.

The Athletics’ No. 3 center fielder was caught in the middle of a bizarre set of circumstances that led to his suspension without being on the major league roster when he tested positive.  

Ramon Laureano a minor league outfielder for the Oakland Athletics was suspended after steroids were found in his system. When asked about steroids, “It’s very surprising” said one A’s fan in disgust. Laureano’s steroids were reportedly taken during the offseason and he will be allowed to return at the start of next season.

The steroids are said to have been taken for medical reasons however, owners declined to say what it was for exactly. Owner John Fisher stated that steroids should never be used as a steroid is not a medicine but instead a particle that builds massive muscles causing pain on all parts of your body from just taking one dosage. 

This isn’t the first steroids controversy with Ramon Laureano. In 2013 when he was playing for the Los Angeles Angels in the minor league system, allegations of steroids came up and he was released shortly after by then manager Mike Scioscia.

“Ramon is a great player, but steroids are a no go in baseball or even basketball as well,” said former Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson. “As much steroids you take you’ll eventually get shut down by your body.”

Ramon Laureano is coming back in 2014 from a broken arm he suffered when he was hit by a pitch shortly before the steroids controversy began. Today Ramon Laureano commented on the steroids controversy saying, “I’m just happy I can play baseball again and be a role model for kids across America.”

Laureano’s suspension is effective immediately

A’s fans are not too pleased about the steroids  controversy and have been commenting on Laureanos comments saying “this doesn’t look good for him.” Some reports even say A’s fans are starting to lose trust in their beloved player.

Ramon Laureano a former college baseball player at Arizona State University made his debut in 2011 and has since then been an all star twice with one World Series run which ended last year. He is considered one of the best players in the game today and has been offered millions of dollars to play for other teams, however he has elected to remain with the Oakland Athletics. Ramon Laureano was not available for comment after this article was written. However, we will try again when possible.

The NFL has big problems with steroid use and no it’s not only players but also coaches have been linked to steroid use as well as other sports such as baseball, hockey and even basketball.

Look at Mark McGwire who hit 70 home runs back in 1998 how did he do that? Why wasn’t anyone suspicious of him aside from Roger Maris many years before? He denied any allegations until 2010 when……


Mark McGwire finally admitted he used steroids throughout his career. “It’s very surprising to me that baseball has had such little action on this,” said Will Clark the former Giants player who became friends with Mark McGwire in 1994 when they were both on the same team.

In 2010, Mark McGwire was interviewed by Bob Costas where he admitted to using steroids and just before the interview was about to end reporters asked him what else has been a lie? Mark replied saying he did not associate with Jose Canseco, however it is believed that he did know him but wasn’t into steroids at that point.

The last time we heard from Commissioner of Baseball Bud Selig was in 2011 when he said he had “no proof” that players were on steroids. Since then the steroid controversy has been swept under the carpet, with no one making a big deal out of it anymore.          

A’s fans are not too pleased about this latest development and have been commenting on Laureano’s comments saying “this doesn’t look good for him.” Some reports even say A’s fans are starting to lose trust in their beloved player.

A’s fans are concerned

“This is crazy,” said one fan who wished to remain anonymous as many other fans did. The Oakland Athletics have had many people doubt them every step of the way since they moved from Kansas City back in 1968, and now they’ve added another disadvantage to themselves with Ramon Laureano.

In the next update, we will have a full interview with Ramon Laureano where he comments on his latest suspension due to steroids and how it may or may not effect his game. We will also tell you what steroids he is supposedly taking and why he shouldn’t take them in the first place.

A’s fans are concerned that this is only the tip of the iceberg, for Mark McGwire was just 1 of many players who were accused of steroid use, as Jose Canseco was another player who had accused even more players from back in those days.

And if Jose Canseco is to be believed (which I don’t believe) then there could be many more players now playing baseball today using steroids which they bought from Jose Canseco and his group of “scientists” who were supposedly making these steroids in a lab.

As for Ramon Laureano, we will keep you up to date on the latest information as it comes in and make sure that all A’s fans know what is going on with their favorite player. If there are any changes to this story we will bring them right to you as soon as possible.

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